What are CEREC Dental Crowns?

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Dental crowns are amongst the most common dental procedures performed during dental visits every day. Crowns are an essential part of orthodontal treatment and management, offering reprieve and solutions to otherwise dental severe related problems. The essence of dental crowns as a restorative procedure stems from their ability to provide stability, strength, and serve as a cover of dental implants. Dental crowns, by definition, are restorative caps that encircle or cover a tooth entirely, permanently bonded to the tooth structure using special dental cement. Dentists opt to use dental crowns in instances where there is extensive tooth damage. The crowns are a product of several materials, one of them being CEREC dental crowns. 

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What are CEREC dental crowns?

The primary issue related to dental crowns is the time it takes to have them fixed into place, a period which means more discomfort and pain to the patient. Having a quick and effective option to have dental crowns in place is the real goal of any patient and the doctor. The solution to a convenient and immediate option is found in an emerging and transformative dental technology known as CEREC. CEREC is an abbreviation of Chairside Economical Restoration of Aesthetic Ceramics.

CEREC offers a quick and timely solution to having dental crowns fixed in place. Patients can get the CEREC dental crowns attached in just one appointment, an essential aspect in the management of orthodontal related ailments and conditions. Patients can instantly regain their confidence and smile, and in the long run, manage to maintain proper oral hygiene and health.

What does CEREC dental crown involve?

CEREC technology utilizes top of the art computer-aided design or equipment aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM), to correctly and develop a crown to fit on the damaged tooth. The dentist uses the technology to make images of your tooth, which are the after used in the crown manufacturing process.

The dentist, using the technology, mills the CEREC crown from a ceramic block that has a perfect matching shade to the patient’s natural teeth. The doctor then bonds the CEREC crown onto the damaged tooth, completely covering it as per the digital models initially used. The entire process and procedure of placing CEREC crowns take place within a single dental appointment.

Why CEREC dental crowns?

As compared to the traditional and typical crowns, CEREC crowns come with a lot of benefits and advantages. Toping the list of benefits is that the entire process takes place within a single sitting and appointment, saving patients time and the agony of waiting for a successful procedure. The traditional crowns fitting process takes place over a series of dental visits scheduled across a period of weeks to complete.

The Process

The dentist reviews your medical history and conducts a meticulous dental exam before opting for a CEREC crown’s fixation. Depending on the outcome of the dental examination, the doctor may recommend other methods of management other than CEREC crowns.

Before the procedure, the doctor will request an intraoral scan, used for a photographic representation of the teeth and in making a digital impression. Then, the captured impression is transferred to the CADCAM software for the creation of a digital tooth restoration set. After achieving a digital restoration, the doctor moves the information to the milling machine for the creation of a ceramic block, a process that takes only 15 minutes. The dentist then polishes the CEREC crowns and cements it into place.

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